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The on-site specialists at SETEC have evaluated and received approval for over 7000 residential and commercial on-site waste disposal sites.  SETEC soil consultants are Certified Professional Soil Scientists who are also Virginia Licensed On-Site Soil Evaluators.  They are professional and experienced soil mappers with a unique ability to identify and interpret site conditions other consultants may miss or misinterpret. 

CALL SETEC for a comprehensive site and soil evaluation before you commit to a costly alternative residential septic system 

These days it isn't uncommon to be told your residential septic system will cost you $20,000 or more.  These systems often require costly and elaborate sewage treatment and disposal that was uncommon for single family homes just several years ago.   Environmental considerations and challenging site and soil conditions (often on sites that were previously unbuildable because they wouldn't perc) sometimes require the use of these alternative system types.  Often a comprehensive evaluation of the property is all that is needed to identify a suitable conventional septic system site or less costly alternative. 

As independent soil consultants we do not sell products or maintainence services that might pose a potential conflict of interest when helping our clients choose the most appropriate septic system to provide environmentally sound on site sewage disposal.  We do, however, provide our clients with a list of reputable and qualified providers of such services. 

We also provide design services for conventional and most alternative type septic systems.

We also offer a free in office review of soil evaluations and design reccomendations performed by others. 

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